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Frequently Asked Questions

For Venue Only

What other costs should we consider?

Gatherings is all-inclusive (see below regarding use of the Bridal Suite), with the exception of your cake and any libations you wish to purchase, there are no other costs you need incur! The ambiance of the home itself is such that no decorations or flowers are really needed, the fantastic menu and all rentals (tables, chairs, china, glassware & flatware) are included.

Do you have a place where we can get ready for the ceremony?

Yes, we have a beautiful Bridal Suite that is included with the Concours d’Elegance package. We did not include it in the other packages in an attempt to keep their prices down, but you can add it to any package. See more information on our lovely Bridal Suite by clicking here.

What is the amount required for a deposit?

The initial deposit to confirm and reserve your date is $1,500.00. This is a non-refundable deposit.

When is the initial deposit and contract due?

There is no timeframe for you to submit your deposit, however, keep in mind that our weekend dates fill up fast, and until your deposit and contract are received we will continue to entertain other inquiries for your date. Our policy is first come, first served.

You show 2 types of meal service; what type of meal service is best: Formal Butlered Reception or a Classic Formal Dinner?

Both types of service have advantages. A Butlered Reception allows more mingling of guests and allows you and your guests to move around the rooms and deck freely. A Formal Dinner provides more structure. The main thing to remember is that a Formal Dinner takes up more space so the number of guests must be considered when planning a sit-down dinner.

If I Choose the Butlered Reception, will there be enough food?

Yes! This is our most popular choice. The food that is prepared for a Butlered Reception is as much, if not more, than the amount of food for at a sit-down dinner. It is a “full” meal presented in a different way.

How much time can we have to set-up and decorate the venue?

One of the many advantages of a wedding reception at Gatherings is there is little, if any, need for other decorations. The house itself is a “decoration.” However, if you wish to add to the ambiance of Gatherings, your package includes a 2-hour set up time prior to the start time.

Can we bring our own wine and liquor?

Yes! For some, this is considered yet another advantage of having a reception at Gatherings as not many venues allow BYOB. However, we do have a fabulous option if you don’t want to deal with all that planning that goes into purchasing your own. Please ask your Event Manager for information about the best priced Wine & Beer Package on the Peninsula.

Will someone be in charge at my reception?

Yes, our on-site captain will be at the reception for the entire time.

Will we be responsible for any clean-up?

Absolutely not. This is a time of fun and enjoyment; no worries. If you are using any outside vendors, they are, however, responsible to clean up anything that was brought in as a part of their service to you.

When will our final consultation take place?

Unless other arrangements are made, we will have a final consultation approximately 2 weeks prior to your wedding day. At that time we will go over final menu selections, guest count and schedules.

What are your tax and gratuity policies?

The applicable sales tax will be applied to your package price. Gratuities are not expected, but always appreciated. It is up to your discretion should you wish to offer a gratuity to one or all of the staff.

Can you help me with accommodation suggestions?  

For the most up-to-date information, we recommend that you go to any of the Chambers of Commerce for our area (Carmel, Monterey, or Pacific Grove), or another great resource is the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau. However, we also have a list of accommodations that we would be happy to email to you.

For Beach Ceremonies

What is the best time of year, weather-wise, to have a wedding on the Beaches and Parks of Monterey County?

As we all know, weather is not 100% predictable, so we wouldn’t want to say for certain whether your particular day will be a “good” weather day, and it also depends on the location you chose for your ceremony. On the same day, the weather can be different from one side of the Peninsula to the other. But, historically, the sunniest time of year in Monterey is May through October, with the possibility of fog in June & July. On the average September is the warmest, December our coolest, January the wettest and July our driest. A great source to get the average temperature, average rainy days, and average cloudy days is The Weather Channel.

Do you have a map of the local beaches?

Yes, please go to our Monterey Beach Weddings website and click on the menu titled “Beach Locations”. You will see a map of the locations we service, and if you click on the “View Larger Map” you can actually print this out along with the legend.

Will someone accompany us to look at the locations?

Once you have selected the location for your Ceremony and contracted with us, the package includes a one hour trip to the site (site check) to confirm where you would like your chairs, arch, and any other equipment placed.

Can I have petals at my ceremony like the set up pictured on your website?

It depends on the location you choose. Most of them do not have an ordinance against rose petals; however, in Pacific Grove (Lover’s Point and Berwick Park) they do. This is because of the city’s concern that the petals will not be one hundred percent removed and discarded prior to the next event. However, we have seen it done and it is beautiful, and as part of our service, we will “attempt” to make sure it is all removed if you choose to have spread out petals, but if the city receives a complaint, you must be aware that they can keep your cleaning deposit and Monterey Beach Weddings will not accept any responsibility for this.

Do you provide water for our guests during the ceremony?

Yes, we do.

Do you provide lighting and/or candles for sunset ceremonies?

We do not supply lighting needs. However, should your ceremony be after dusk and require lighting, then we will be happy to put you in contact with a service that will work with you on a direct basis to supply you with your desired ambiance that will also keep your guests’ safety in mind.