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Treat Your Guests to a Rehearsal Dinner at Gatherings

Your Rehearsal "Dinner" does not need to be the same old uninteresting, restaurant back room banquet table where all of the bride's family & friends are at one end and the groom's family & friends are clutched together at the other!! It's the 20th century for goodness sake, let them mingle!

We specialize in a "Roaming Reception" style of service that makes it easy for your guests to get to know each other by bringing them together in a relaxed and welcoming environment where they are not stuck in the same seat all night. Not only that, but they are catered to by private staff that is there for you and your guests only! Gatherings is a great alternative to the "norm" for all types of pre-wedding and post-wedding events, especially where you are bringing two families together who most haven't even had the chance to meet each other yet.

From a Yelp Review

“We had our rehearsal dinner at Gatherings. The bride’s father mentioned Gatherings as an idea because he had attended successful events there. I did all of the research and planning on line and visited the venue to make sure it would work for us. I had my doubts because it was not a sit down dinner, but as it turned out, guests were able to mingle and had the opportunity to meet everybody. The flow made it easy to meet and visit with everyone at the event. At the wedding, everybody already knew each other and it was one big happy family. There were places to sit, but people would sit a bit then wonder around inside and outside. The food was presented beautifully and everything was delicious. The staff was warm and friendly which set the tone for the entire evening.” -- from the Mother of the Groom

We have great packages for Rehearsal Dinners and day after brunches, and even offer a special for our couples who we are already also catering their wedding reception.

Call the office now to make sure your date is available and find out more about this wonderful venue and service style that will help bring your new families together!