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What gives Gatherings its Intimate Charm?

It’s not just the size! Nestled in the quaint coastal town of Pacific Grove, this home has the elegance of a bygone era, complete with soft wallpapers, romantic deco lighting, soft impressionist masterpieces, warm window coverings, and a music room with a player piano.

Originally built in 1907, the Events by Classic Group restored the house exactly 100 years later and won the annual Historical Society Heritage Award for their 2007 restoration. The house has added charm unlike other Victorian’s of its era. A special treat is the addition of the beautiful state-of-the-art Chef’s Kitchen, for which a viewing window was actually installed specifically so the home’s patrons would be able to watch the action in the kitchen; guests are even welcome to wander into the kitchen and check out the culinary action up close.

Events at Gatherings are warm, relaxed affairs, and doors are left open so that there’s a natural flow from one area to the next, and with the outdoor decking, its beautiful protective canopy, fireplace, potted plants, lighting and handmade bar . . . the charm continues from the inside out.

In keeping with the personable theme, Gatherings offers butlered receptions that allow friends and family to roam freely. Committed to five-star service, the impeccably turned-out staff is both friendly and well trained. All food is cooked or grilled during the event—which is not only tastier, but more fun, too.

Gatherings is a one of a kind gem, unlike any other setting you will find in the Monterey area. Having your special occasion here offers a unique place for family, friends, clients or employees to gather unlike traditional restaurant or banquet room type settings, and the experience will not disappoint even your toughest critiques.

Gatherings – Intimate Charm and old-fashioned hospitality at its best